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In today's highly competitive and complex business environment, property owners and in-house corporate real estate departments are relying more and more on outside service providers. As a result of downsizing real estate departments and the growing complexity of the commercial real estate business, the burden of selecting who will handle those responsibilities takes on an even greater significance.

Outsourcing allows you to pick from a menu of specific services you require, based on the strength of the service provider.

We offer the following advisory services:

If you're looking for someone to help you troubleshoot a specific problem, the market specialists at Coldwell Banker Commercial Island Corporate Services are prepared to help you on a single task basis, or to become a virtual extension of ownership or your corporate real estate department.

If you have different requirements in multiple locations, the Coldwell Banker Commercial Network of Affiliates can help you by customizing the services you need and locating other quality service providers in other markets. You decide what is required and how a service will be implemented. We'll do the rest.

With your help, Coldwell Banker Commercial Island Corporate Services develops customer-focused solutions to service your real estate needs. Whether your needs are retail, office, industrial or site selection assistance, Coldwell Banker Commercial Island Corporate Services is ready to begin serving you today.